About Us

The library founded in 1948, after several removals, welcomes readers in the building of the Community Centre, on 250 square metres, since the merger of the institutions in 2007.
With its stock of 50.000 documents, its services, programs and broadcast of network services our library fulfils the claims emerging in the town.


In the stock of the library beside academic books, works of literature, periodical publications and other non-traditional documents, can be found a considerable collection of local history, several thousands of monographs, essays, manuscripts, leaflets, placards concerning Mindszent, articles and photographic materials of the daily of the county concerning Mindszent, dissertations about the town are provided for the visitors.



Due to the developments you can attach to the national information system, access is provided to the databases and services available in the county, mediated them to the population of the town.


Our main object is to help readers under the age of 14, including creating the opportunity of independent learning, to help educational and welfare work through contact with schools and to prepare child readers to the usage of online catalogues and use of adult section. In this way they get to know the techniques of the independent acquisition of information which is essential in lifelong studies.